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If you’re reading this blog post, you’re well-aware of the Silicon Valley success stories of young people in their ’20s — some still in college — starting companies and exiting big. It’s this ‘picture’ that has positioned entrepreneurship as a ‘young person’s job.’ But there’s more to the story — much more.

Entrepreneurship is actually something that’s age-agnostic, and as you evolve in the workforce — with experience under your belt — you may be in a better position to launch your dream company.

Stop telling yourself that you’re too ‘old’ or that you ‘can’t do it.’ It’s never too late, no matter your age. Just ask the guy who started KFC in this seventies. The following infographic explains why:

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Kansas Skyline

Yes, hiring is hard, but many of us at startups make it harder than it has to be. We have no idea about market conditions, but somehow miraculously expect to be competitive. Some of us pay no attention to candidates and then have to battle with a horrible reputation on GlassDoor or Valleywag.

We’re attracted to hiring people just like us (‘a perfect culture fit!’), but then complain about the lack of diversity in tech. Startups can hire just like the big boys, but we have to see past our common shortcomings.

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Growth hacking is widely misunderstood and commonly referred to as simply glorified marketing. Some professionals have gone as far to suggest that growth hacking is BS while others have proclaimed that growth hacking is one of the most important shifts in thinking for marketers since the rise of social media.

After spending time studying the habits of some of the best, I’m not as quick to draw the line in the sand and state that growth hacking is a load of crock. In fact, I’m a believer that the idea of growth hacking and a marketer’s ability to leverage the growth skillset is a differentiator for marketers looking to have a sustainable career in the future.

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One of the biggest (read: soul-crushing) challenges of entrepreneurship is that we’re operating in a world with zero structure. Especially when we’re just starting out, we have nobody but ourselves to hold us accountable. As our teams (and ventures) grow; however, we become accountable to our co-founders, direct reports, investors, and customers. But even still, it’s up to us to forge a path forward. Read More…

Kent G

How can entrepreneurs make a bigger impact with what they’re doing? The answer is looking you right in the mirror. Literally. Your platform is one of the most valuable resources you can have — now and over the long-term. Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, it’s important to move from subject matter expert to through leader.

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Chris 1

I’ve had 15 jobs since I was 14 – a janitor at a school, guitar player, and a barista. I kept quitting because I’d get bored. So I started building companies.

I failed over and over. But I kept at it. And this year – six years after my first failure – I sold two companies in just a few short months.

  • The first was TaskBullet, a virtual assistant platform. I sold it for $10,000 to a guy who collects profitable hobby companies (“muses”). I sold the company because I was bored with it – but we’ll get to that story later.
  • The second was TOFU Marketing, an agency that I started and grew to employ 4 people. I sold the company to a Provo, Utah based agency called Fit Marketing. It was the best way to help my company scale.

The Opposite of a Starry-Eyed Success

When we think about exits, we imagine 9-figure buyouts from companies Facebook and Google. The truth is, 5-to-6 figure exits are happening for small business owners every day.

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This post originally appeared on and has been republished with permission.  Andrew Chen is a an entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor  focused on consumer internet, metrics, and acquisition. He’s available to connect on Clarity

Scaling growth is hard – there’s only a few ways to do it
When you study the most successful mobile/web products, you start to see a pattern on how they grow. Turns out, there’s not too many ways to reach 100s of millions of users or revenue. Instead, products mostly have one or two major growth channels, which they optimize into perfection. These methods are commonplace and predictable.

Here are the major channels that successful products use to drive traction – think of them as the moonshots. Read More…

Building Beyond

Founders across the world will tell you that there is a disturbing shortage of women entrepreneurs. The reason why?

Well, it’s complex. Some say that it’s harder for women to get funded. Others say that women, for a wealth of reasons, are hesitant to become entrepreneurs. These trends are gaining worldwide attention, with media mentions of the topic reaching an all-time high, according to Harvard Business Review. Read More…

Lars Lofgren

Growth marketing is one of Clarity’s most popular topics. It’s an art and a science. And it’s hard. The best way to build a high-impact strategy is to learn from awesome marketers who have been there before. That’s why we’re bringing you a free Clarity Live session with Lars Lofgren, growth marketing lead at KISSmetrics. Read More…


Paul Ruderman is the founder and CEO of Update Zen and is available on Clarity to discuss team productivity, efficiency and execution, and budgeting. 

My new startup, UpdateZen, has just entered BETA this summer. It has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience getting UpdateZen from concept to BETA in under a year. Difficulties and big decisions every single day. But the beginning – the epiphany – came very quickly, and very easily.

The reason, pure and simple, is because I decided to solve a very sharp pain that I was experiencing in my prior company, a pain which no other solution on the market had yet solved. I didn’t have to conduct myriad brainstorming sessions with friends and colleagues to figure out what kind of company I should start next. I knew the problem, and I knew it inside and out. I was essentially Customer #1.

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