About Us

At Clarity, we believe the entrepreneur deserves to be celebrated.

After all, It’s the entrepreneur that gets up every day to make the world better for everyone
else. They’ll do it today, and again tomorrow, and the next day too.

We think sometimes entrepreneurs lose sight of how important they are.

This blog is here to remind them. To tell their stories and to help them out when they need
it most.

Here’s what to expect:

1. Raw, powerful advice from those who have been there before.

While many are quick to offer advice, we know the best stuff comes from those who have been in your shoes before.

2. No BS. (All stuff, no fluff.) We’re going to talk about it all.

Failures? We’ve had em. Bad days? Yep. Those too. Chances are you won’t always agree with what we’ve got to say – that’s perfect. It’s also why you’re an entrepreneur.

3. The answers you need, not the ones you want.

Advice from friends and family is great,
but rarely are they able to be as objective as you need them to be. We’ll ask our experts to share raw insights on common themes from the Clarity community.

4. Resource roundups & new innovation.

The blog will offer a wealth of resources collaborated on by actual community members and will make sure to introduce you to new innovations that you should know about. Crowd funding? Government grants? Hiring top talent? Stay tuned. We’ll do the research.

5. Community member profiles.

The Clarity community is full of amazing entrepreneurs – from those just getting started to seasoned vets with years of experience. We’ll profile entrepreneurs overcoming unique challenges and explore their motivation for doing so.

Great advice comes from the entrepreneur who has struggled and has overcome their challenges. Clarity connects entrepreneurs over the phone to help move their goals forward.
Clarity. The entrepreneurs lifeline. 

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Email:  editor@clarity.fm

We only accept guest posts from experts on Clarity, but would appreciate any feedback/comments you may have.