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In your professional life, you strive to be the absolute best. You’re a natural leader, you innovate constantly and you have a quantifiable track record for generating high-value results. In your world, a 40-hour workweek is a myth, but somehow, sunrise-to-sunset will always fly by and you’ll be smiling the whole time. Some people call you a workaholic, but you prefer the term “passionate”.

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Crowdfunding Short

Crowdfunding is democratizing entrepreneurship.

Last December, a portal desktop computer – that anyone can assemble – called Kano raised $1.5 million on Kickstarter. In July 2014, Bug-A-Salt, a toy like shotgun that shoots salt blasts to kill insects, raised more than half-a-million on Indiegogo.

What these projects have in common is that consumers wanted them – and were willing to pay to have them developed from an entrepreneur’s imagination.

In the last 3 years, the crowdfunding economy has more than tripled to more than $5.1 billion.

But what’s hard to imagine is that this market is still in its infancy. The crowdfunding economy is about to undergo a dramatic shift. Keep reading to learn why. Read More…

They say some of the greatest leaders are the most unexpected, which is this case for these seven people. They might not be household names, but they’ve made huge impacts on the world as we know it today. Read about seven modern day unexpected, unconventional leaders and discover what you can learn from each of them.

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Clarity - Two-Oh

With 2014 kicking off, we’re excited to announce Clarity 2.0 just in time to help you exceed any business goals you’ve set for the year! Clarity 2.0 is a complete redesign of our platform with the goal to deliver the best advisory board ever created.

Clarity started 2 years ago on January 4th, 2012.  Over the past 24 months we’ve launched 40+ features, recruited over 30,000+ experts and completed thousands of calls from around the world.   Read More…

Clarity - Answers - iPhone - The Future of Reputation and Monetization

After 16 months of steady growth, we’re proving that the future of consulting looks a lot like Clarity.

For those who don’t know us, Clarity is a micro-consulting platform that enables the exchange of high-impact business advice, on demand, over the phone. There are currently over 20,000 experts on Clarity and over 30,000 calls have been completed to date.

Today we’re announcing one of the biggest releases we’ve made to Clarity since launching in May of 2012 and it starts with a new feature called Answers.

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SearchTopics - Header@2xNow that we have over 14,000 experts on Clarity, we realized that we needed to help you find the right expert faster. That’s why today we’re announcing a facelift and 3 new features that will dramatically improve your ability to find the best expert instantly.
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The response we’ve received after putting out last week’s “Most Bossome” list has been overwhelming. Members love it… Experts who were chosen were excited to get some well-deserved recognition… It gave new experts something to shoot for and made them spice up their profiles to better display their bossomeness…

We joke. We kid. But when you make the Bossome list, it means you stand out over about 500 other experts who have applied. Our team goes through the painstaking task of looking at each profile and hand-selecting them. This isn’t an easy decision to make if you saw just how bossome the rest of our applicants are. Our staff gets pretty attached to certain ones who don’t make the final cut and there are sometimes differences of opinion – Arguments break out. Desks are flipped over. Egos are shattered. HR has to get involved. It gets pretty intense. The point is – it’s not just a random selection.

Knowing that, making the list gives you mad social cred. Sharing with your friends that you made the Most Bossome list is something you can brag about (if that’s your style), or at least you can print the list out and hang it on your refrigerator. So, that said, here’s this week’s most Bossome:

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Jonah Berger

You’ve spent 12 months building the most wicked product on the planet. Now what?

Now, you need customers, revenue, and growth. So here’s the sequence most entrepreneurs follow:

Step 1: You launch a blog
Step 2: You launch your Facebook page
Step 3: You start promoting your writing to your fan community of 50

Then you wait. You’ve built it; why aren’t they coming?

You get pissed off. You hop in your car, go to the gym, or take a walk outside to take your mind off things. Then you see that big Coca Cola billboard with shiny, happy stock-photo people and blinding, bright colors — you can’t help but swoon. You’re craving Coca Cola’s fizzy goodness and wishing that Santa would bring you a $10 million paid advertising budget.
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It’s getting out of hand. Every day, we’re more and more blown away by the experts who sign up to offer their advice to our community at Clarity. Sure, we put them straight into the Search for you to easily find, but we knew we had to come up with a better way to let you know about the most notable experts as soon as they hit the market. We’ve found that when experts get too busy, they often raise their price, and the last thing we want is for you to miss out on savings. So…

Last week we sent out our ‘Marquis Experts of the Week’ to showcase five of our most impressive experts (not an easy decision) who signed up that week.

But we had a problem…

The word ‘Marquis’ didn’t do them justice. Our experts are better than that. So we changed the name to the “Most Inspiring Experts of the Week”. This was closer. But it still didn’t cut the mustard.

Our experts are awesome. The thing is, ‘Awesome’ is a tired, worn out word. Still not good enough.

‘Boss’ is a better word, and all the cool kids are using it, but it’s kind of thuggish. Not really our style.

Our team immediately consulted what any established, high-level, professional, dignified organization would reference – the Urban Dictionary – to find the perfect word to most precisely describe each week’s new experts:

We high-fived it out pretty hard when we found this. So now we have it, friends. Every week, you’ll receive “The Week’s Most Bossome Experts”. We hope you get a cosmic crapload of value out of these people- we know we have! If you missed last week’s bossomest, check them out here where we featured Ryan Holiday and Suli Breaks among a few others.

That said, without further ado, allow us to introduce this week’s Most Bossome Experts…

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Poornima Vijayashanker was the inital engineer at Mint.com and was pinnacle in building out the product from scratch that eventually lead to the acquisition for $170M by Intuit. She decided to leave Mint and launch her own startup, BizeeBee, helping membership based businesses across the world grow their business. Recently she was awarded Inc Magazine’s 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013.

This week we talked to Poornima and she shared with us 4 amazing tips about:

  • the biggest challenges in building product and marketing
  • key advice that helped her startup BizeeBee
  • the most important question when it comes to Lean Product Development
  • the components of building a remote team

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