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The best way to learn is from folks who have been there before you. Whether you’re starting your first business or your third, the journey can feel foggy. That’s why we rounded up some words of wisdom from 23 of Clarity’s most inspiring entrepreneurs last month. Readers loved it, so we’re bringing you 13 more tips. Read More…


Clarity’s Q&A Spotlight is a series that features the top conversations from Clarity Answers. This week, we’re sharing insights about starting a new business.

Starting a business is an emotional roller coaster. One day, you’re thriving on the freedom. The next? Shit hits the fan. What’s important to remember is that this feeling is totally normal. Keep your cool, and the fog will clear. Luckily, there are others who have been there before:

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Volcano Jess 1

The daughter of FBI agents, Jess Pelaez was destined for a life of adventure.  As a volcano researcher, she’s been on expeditions to Hawaii, Peru, and Wyoming. The nonprofit entrepreneur has dodged cartel shootouts in Mexico, ridden the Mongol Derby horse race, and crashed an $8M remote-operated submersible into the bottom of the ocean.

Today, she and her co-founder (and husband) Carlos Pelaez are building Blueprint Earth, a California based nonprofit that helps scientists work collaboratively to replicate the world’s environment.

In today’s interview, she shares:

  • The power of execution – how far you can take can idea in just a few months
  • The experience of working with her husband as her co-founder
  • Why she’s tackling a scientific problem much bigger than herself
  • How she views her role as a woman in science and as a female nonprofit entrepreneur
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