Fundable Acquires Clarity

When I started Clarity my plan was to never sell. I wanted to work on Clarity for the rest of my life. I also had a simple mission to guide us.

Have a positive impact on a billion people by 2022.


Plans are made to be broken – visions are not!

Today I’m super excited to announce that Clarity has been acquired by to become part of – the world largest startup launch platform.

Not only have they acquired Clarity, but they’re also announcing the launch of a new parent brand that will act as the worlds largest startup launch platform in the world:

The new platform is HUGE!

  • 825,000 registered startups
  • 13.6 million backers, followers and investors
  • $150 million in committed funding

This growing community will only catapult our vision for Clarity – to help entrepreneur start and growth their business.

Wil Schroter is the Founder & CEO of Fundable/ and is a badass entrepreneur. He not only shares my passion for building companies, he also has a long track record of supporting entrepreneurs in a big way.

Over the past few months we’ve gotten to spend a lot of time together and he’s someone that I admire deeply.

But What About a Billion People Impacted by 2022?

When I started the company I had one mission: to have a positive impact on a billion people by 2022 by helping entrepreneurs create big and meaningful companies all over the world.

My thinking was that if I help founders create bigger companies by connecting them to existing entrepreneurs for advice that they would, in turn, create a better world for everyone to live in.

It’s a mission that will only be accelerated by this acquisition. The newly created brand will have a much broader footprint than Clarity, and will allow the combined companies to have the biggest impact.

What Does This Mean For Clarity?

Great question. From a product point of view, Clarity will remain a destination site and continue to provide the service we’ve offered to date. Going forward we’ll be integrating Clarity into the other services (Fundable, LaunchRock, StartupPlays, etc).

On that note, anytime I’ve shared this news in private, two questions immediately gets asked.

1) What’s going to happen with all the time I invested in Clarity?

Clarity is going to grow and be integrated into all the other products at the newly launched brand If you take – a marketplace for entrepreneurs to crowdfund their capital – it only makes sense for them to have access to experts on the topic?

That’s where Clarity comes into play. Each product offered under the brand will have a Clarity service embeded within them.

Just look at the numbers, they’re HUGE.

2) Are you staying with the company?

Yes. I’m staying on as an advisor.

I’ve got a HUGE vested interested in seeing Clarity prosper and grow and even though we officially closed on the transaction back in December, I continue to stay extremely engaged with the teams to ensure the vision gets executed on and the transition was seamless.

We built an amazing community of experts and members at Clarity and I don’t take that for granted. My email will remain active and you can ping anytime if you have questions or challenges.

Can’t’ Say “Thank You” Enough

I can’t tell you how honoured I am for the chance to work with everyone at Clarity to build what we have.


Everyday I woke up to bring a dream to light and so many people helped me create that.

I will forever be in your debt.

The thing I’m most proud of is the number of entrepreneurs that we’ve been able to help from all over the world.

I also want to personally thank all our amazing investors, advisors and the family members who supported the people who gave so much to Clarity.

I’m sure they stood by waiting while they finished up a call or responded to a request in the middle of dinner – I know I did – and it means a lot.

I believe entrepreneurship is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourself as it forces us to grow as a person and this company was no different.

If you’d like to follow my continued journey sign up to my personal newsletter here:

Thanks again for being a part of Clarity’s story.

P.S. If you have any questions, post them below and I’ll be sure to answer them. Also, I’ll be hosting a Q&A webinar tomorrow between Wil Schroter (Founder/CEO of to discuss the acquisition and scaling a company. Register here.

Lars Lofgren

Growth marketing is one of Clarity’s most popular topics. It’s an art and a science. And it’s hard. The best way to build a high-impact strategy is to learn from awesome marketers who have been there before. That’s why we’re bringing you a free Clarity Live session with Lars Lofgren, growth marketing lead at KISSmetrics. Read More…

Clarity Live, a new video q&a service that connect up-and-coming entrepreneurs with game-changing  business leaders, kicks off tomorrow (Thursday, May 22nd) with Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.

Starting Friday, we’ll be featuring sessions with some of the world’s most high-demand founders — covering topics like product development, crowdfunding, and fundraising.

If you see something that you like, feel free to RSVP by signing up for a Clarity Live subscription. Sessions are limited to 7 people, but don’t worry — if you see something that you love, and it’s full, you can always join the waitlist or access the session on demand.

We’re excited to announce our end of May lineup. Read More…


When I launched Clarity in 2012, I was driven by one mission — to impact the lives of a billion people by 2022. In two short years, Clarity grew to a community of more than 40,000 verified experts worldwide. To date, more than 200,000+ Clarity calls have been completed.

Today, I am excited to announce, in addition to offering 1-on-1 calls, a new subscription product call Clarity Live. Clarity Live is a video q&a service that connect up-and-coming entrepreneurs with game-changing  business leaders.

To help kick things off in a GLOBAL way, we’re hosting a special Clarity Live event on May 22nd with Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.  This event is in partnership with VIP VOIP and our goal is to bring 1000 people across 20 cities to participate virtually in this session.

Read More…

Clarity - Two-Oh

With 2014 kicking off, we’re excited to announce Clarity 2.0 just in time to help you exceed any business goals you’ve set for the year! Clarity 2.0 is a complete redesign of our platform with the goal to deliver the best advisory board ever created.

Clarity started 2 years ago on January 4th, 2012.  Over the past 24 months we’ve launched 40+ features, recruited over 30,000+ experts and completed thousands of calls from around the world.   Read More…

Clarity - Answers - iPhone - The Future of Reputation and Monetization

After 16 months of steady growth, we’re proving that the future of consulting looks a lot like Clarity.

For those who don’t know us, Clarity is a micro-consulting platform that enables the exchange of high-impact business advice, on demand, over the phone. There are currently over 20,000 experts on Clarity and over 30,000 calls have been completed to date.

Today we’re announcing one of the biggest releases we’ve made to Clarity since launching in May of 2012 and it starts with a new feature called Answers.

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Making money and doing good… Oil and water? We don’t think so. Since Day 1, we have always believed that making money and doing good mix quite well.

Over the years businesses tend to use a very prescriptive formula for social responsibility, but there’s opportunity for greater partnerships. The infographic below takes a look at the new fundraising era of companies giving customers and employees the flexibility to make a difference in their communities while engaging with their businesses. Here are some of the highlights:


  • 30% of consumers plan to spend more on socially responsible companies next year
  • Online social giving has increased 10.7% from 2011 to 2012
  • Companies are moving toward for what works: crowdsourcing and social integration, cause-marketing with a strategic approach and skill-based volunteering
  • $50,000 was raised using Clarity for 65 different charities by offering advice to entrepreneurs and donating their proceeds (which translates to over 2000 calls)

Read More…

SearchTopics - Header@2xNow that we have over 14,000 experts on Clarity, we realized that we needed to help you find the right expert faster. That’s why today we’re announcing a facelift and 3 new features that will dramatically improve your ability to find the best expert instantly.
Read More…

We’re thrilled to announce Team Calls on Clarity. Now you can gather your team and have them join you on a call with an expert!

Why we built this?

  • Many users have asked us to build a way to record their calls or provide them with a transcript.  We tested both solutions and didn’t like them.  What we learned (by asking the experts) was that they were holding back on the calls when they knew they were recorded.  They weren’t being as open or specific as they were before. So that wasn’t going to fly.  As for the transcript, the automated ones were horrible, and to get it done professional cost around $1/min (almost the same cost as the call?!).  The better solution was to have someone else on the call taking notes.  Now you can.
  • We also realized that most advice is needed to help solve a problem faced by a team, not only the individual.  In this case, it’s typical to have a lot of information either forgotten, discarded or mistranslated before being shared with the team, leaving everyone else with the incomplete picture.  Now you can invite your team to participate saving you time and ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Finally, we looked at the cost of some of our premium experts – guys like Eric RiesNoah Kagan & Nir Eyal and realized even though they are worth every penny, the cost can price them out of the market for some of our younger, or capital constraint (i.e. bootstrap startup) members.  Now with team calls, you can share that cost with other people reducing the individual cost of the call and learning by listening to answers asked by the group.  This does require an individual to organize the call, but it’s simple.  Just make the request and collect from the other participants using paypal, etc.  We feel this will really open up the product to young entrepreneurs, incubators, non-profits and other capital constrained members.

How does it work?

Inviting a team member to a call is very simple. When you schedule the call, you’ll get a confirmation email with a conference line and access code in which to call into, to connect with the expert.  Just share that information with up to 8 other people and you can all use it to call in at the same time. It works just like a conference line.

Here’s some other questions that usually come up.

My team is distributed internationally? Can I still take advantage of this feature?

Absolutely. Just a few things to consider. The phone number you’ll receive is a US 800-number, so international fees will apply.  You can use VOIP (Skype) but it may cause a delay, so be sure to have someone with the best connection asking the questions.

Best practices for Team Calls

  • Ensure that those who aren’t speaking mute their phone to avoid any background noise/chatter.
  • Prep with your team before the call. It’s best to compile questions and have just one person do the talking while the others listen and take notes.

Visit our Help Center for more information.

Find an expert today!


Clarity’s First Startup Guide is Here!Clarity guide

You asked, we delivered: expert advice, right to your inbox.

Learn more in 30 minutes than you did in the last month. Download the guide now!

Download Now

A few weeks ago, we put out a call to entrepreneurs around the globe, asking you for your best startup advice – and we have been truly overwhelmed by the response. After days spent combing through hundreds of your submissions, followed by laughter, tears and the occasional WOW, we have narrowed it down to the top 100 startup advice submissions in the following categories:


  • Customer Acquisition
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Venture Capital
  • Product Development
  • + more!

The result is Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs: our gift to the Clarity community.

Here’s just a little taste of some of the high-quality, no-BS advice that you’ll receive when you download your copy:

Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications – Dave McClure

Don’t fall into the trap of confusing activity for achievement. Pause during your day ask yourself: ‘Is this helping us build sh*t or sell sh*t?’. If the answer is no, then you’re working on the wrong things. – Christian MacLean

Create a legacy, not a job. Ask yourself:  ‘How do I want to be remembered?’. Your job, habits, and daily activities are important but focus on the things that build the legacy you want to create. In the end, you’ll be glad you did. – John T. Meyer

Download Now

So for all the entrepreneurs out there making it happen each and every day – this one is for you!

Thank you!


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