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Nobody becomes an entrepreneur because it’s easy. What these business leaders share in common is that they’re driven by an unstoppable dream. It’s a life calling, not a career. We hold ourselves to relentlessly high standards, and when we fall, we fall hard.

Luckily, so many others have been there before.

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, here are 23 lessons learned from some of Clarity’s top entrepreneurs.
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We hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July. Barbeques. Family. Fireworks. Not-so-legal explosives. Spot fires. Never ones to let a good holiday go to pass, we here at Clarity had to do something big. Something… Bossome.

In the last few bossome posts, we’ve featured newer experts of that particular week who recently came on board with Clarity to show our appreciation for joining the community. This week, we decided to rifle through the archives a bit and feature some experts who have been with us for a little while and give them a shot at bossomeness.

So, in the spirit of Independence Day, here’s 10 bossome experts we think deserve a little love. Enjoy!
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How to make the most bossome list!

We get it. Being bossome isn’t easy. Granted, some people are born bossome. For the rest of us, it could take years to achieve the stature of supreme bossomeness.

These last couple of weeks, we’ve featured new experts who have obviously risen to that level. If you or your friends haven’t yet applied to be a Clarity expert, and you’re thinking about it, we wanted to give you a few words of advice (it’s kind of our thing here at Clarity). Here’s how to go from zero to bossome in no time flat and give yourself a shot at being featured in an upcoming post so you can brag to your friends, family and enemies.

1. Connect Clarity with all of your social media networks – Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. We look at all of em’. Kinda creepy, I know, but a little stalking is necessary on our part.

2. Make your profile interesting – Every expert on Clarity is amazing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed in. But what makes you interesting? How do you stand out? It’s hard to do that using professional LinkedIn-esque profiles like, “Serial entrepreneur with ten years of experience in internet marketing and social media.

You can do better than that…

Managed a team of dyslexic sherpas at everest basecamp and wrestled orangutans on the weekends while starting my own e-tutoring center in Kathmandu.”  Notice the difference? That’s straight-up boss.

3. Throw in an eye-grabbing profile pic – People can tell when you take your own photo. You know what it says to the world? It says, “I don’t have even one friend who would take five seconds out of their day to take my picture. BUT PAY ME FOR ADVICE!” See where we’re going here? Get gussied up – heck, maybe even do your hair. Why not go crazy and put on a nice, clean, flashy shirt. Smiling never hurts either. Please, no Blue Steel. Show us the best version of you. You know, the bossome version.

4. Video is nice – A three to five minute video is a great way for members to get to know you better. They don’t have time for much longer than that. Make it entertaining, or at least engaging. Why should they call you over someone else? Show them your personality.

5. Spruce up your website – We need to find out all about you – not necessarily your business or organization you work with – but you. So yes, we stalk your website too. It’s where you can go into a little more detail about what you’ve accomplished and maybe what you’re up to these days. Did you write a book, perhaps? Do you have a tribal following? What kind of stuff have you been writing about lately?  All these things add to your bossability.

We hope this helps. If you know of anyone who you think can add a level of bossomeness to our community of experts, pass this along to them and have them apply. Or, if you’re not an expert yet, maybe you should be asking yourself, “Am I bossome enough?” Our guess is you are. Read More…

The response we’ve received after putting out last week’s “Most Bossome” list has been overwhelming. Members love it… Experts who were chosen were excited to get some well-deserved recognition… It gave new experts something to shoot for and made them spice up their profiles to better display their bossomeness…

We joke. We kid. But when you make the Bossome list, it means you stand out over about 500 other experts who have applied. Our team goes through the painstaking task of looking at each profile and hand-selecting them. This isn’t an easy decision to make if you saw just how bossome the rest of our applicants are. Our staff gets pretty attached to certain ones who don’t make the final cut and there are sometimes differences of opinion – Arguments break out. Desks are flipped over. Egos are shattered. HR has to get involved. It gets pretty intense. The point is – it’s not just a random selection.

Knowing that, making the list gives you mad social cred. Sharing with your friends that you made the Most Bossome list is something you can brag about (if that’s your style), or at least you can print the list out and hang it on your refrigerator. So, that said, here’s this week’s most Bossome:

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dan waldschmidt

Life is tough. Life as an entrepreneur is tougher.

Your safety net is you. No health plan with 47 sick days. No paid vacation. No sabbatical after 10 years of mindbending effort.

Speaker and international business strategist, Dan Waldschmidt, knows all about it. He is one of Clarity’s most popular experts when it comes to business and sales strategy, and here are a few reasons why:

  • The Wall Street Journal calls his blog, Edgy Conversations, one of the Top 7 sales blogs anywhere on the internet
  • He got the usual entry-level job right out of college, but then he changed the sales process, earned millions of dollars for the company, and became CEO by the time he was 25
  • He’s been profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, BBC, Fox News, The Today Show, and Business Insider

From his journey, Dan has picked up a few lessons here and there to help him succeed and has decided to share some of the best tips with us today. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Dan’s 31 Business Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn.

It’s Up to You if You’re Going to Make it

All you get is what you bring to the fight. And that fight get’s better every day you learn new lessons.

If you’ve already seen my profile on Clarity then you’ve probably watched the video of me explaining how I learned hard lessons about success — and made millions of dollars doing it. (If you haven’t you should do that now…)

Here are some of those lessons every entrepreneur (not just me) needs to learn:

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It’s getting out of hand. Every day, we’re more and more blown away by the experts who sign up to offer their advice to our community at Clarity. Sure, we put them straight into the Search for you to easily find, but we knew we had to come up with a better way to let you know about the most notable experts as soon as they hit the market. We’ve found that when experts get too busy, they often raise their price, and the last thing we want is for you to miss out on savings. So…

Last week we sent out our ‘Marquis Experts of the Week’ to showcase five of our most impressive experts (not an easy decision) who signed up that week.

But we had a problem…

The word ‘Marquis’ didn’t do them justice. Our experts are better than that. So we changed the name to the “Most Inspiring Experts of the Week”. This was closer. But it still didn’t cut the mustard.

Our experts are awesome. The thing is, ‘Awesome’ is a tired, worn out word. Still not good enough.

‘Boss’ is a better word, and all the cool kids are using it, but it’s kind of thuggish. Not really our style.

Our team immediately consulted what any established, high-level, professional, dignified organization would reference – the Urban Dictionary – to find the perfect word to most precisely describe each week’s new experts:

We high-fived it out pretty hard when we found this. So now we have it, friends. Every week, you’ll receive “The Week’s Most Bossome Experts”. We hope you get a cosmic crapload of value out of these people- we know we have! If you missed last week’s bossomest, check them out here where we featured Ryan Holiday and Suli Breaks among a few others.

That said, without further ado, allow us to introduce this week’s Most Bossome Experts…

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Poornima Vijayashanker was the inital engineer at Mint.com and was pinnacle in building out the product from scratch that eventually lead to the acquisition for $170M by Intuit. She decided to leave Mint and launch her own startup, BizeeBee, helping membership based businesses across the world grow their business. Recently she was awarded Inc Magazine’s 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013.

This week we talked to Poornima and she shared with us 4 amazing tips about:

  • the biggest challenges in building product and marketing
  • key advice that helped her startup BizeeBee
  • the most important question when it comes to Lean Product Development
  • the components of building a remote team

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Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday

Top reasons to call him…

  1. Marketing
  2. Strategy
  3. Advertising
  4. Writing
  5. Publishing

Why we like him…

After dropping out of college at 19 to apprentice for the strategist and international bestselling author Robert Greene, Ryan went on to champion guerrilla media campaigns for the likes of Tucker Max and Dov Charney. His first book, Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, was a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Talk to Ryan Holiday on Clarity

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Peter has been been a part of building companies like Photobucket and was responsible for driving growth to 61M users, leading its $300M acquisition in 2007. Peter then turned his energy in helping people save money as CEO of BillShrink from inception to their 1st Million users in a little over a year.

Continuing the journey of building early stage companies Peter was the Co-Founder & President of Color exploring the future of mobile and social interactions through proximity. Now at Science he helps build alongside CEO’s companies like Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay, Uncovet, Ellie and Let’s Date.

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Ben is currently VP Product at GoInstant, a venture-backed startup focused on changing how we share and experience the web with co-browsing technology. GoInstant was recently acquired by Salesforce.com. He is also a Founding Partner at Year One Labs, which is an early stage accelerator in Montreal. They’ve invested in five startups: Localmind, Massive Damage, HighScore House, qidiq and Happy Stuff. Three of those companies have gone on to raise follow on capital.

Prior to that Ben was the CEO and co-founder of Standout Jobs, which sold in 2010. He’s been an entrepreneur in the web space for 15+ years. Ben is also involved in a number of different projects as an advisor, consultant and mentor. His main interests include: Web/mobile startups, game startups, product management, entrepreneurship, customer service and social media. Ben obsess over things like analytics, customer acquisition, viral loops, product/market fit and building great stuff.

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