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“He that is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else”.
– Benjamin Franklin

Starting a company nowadays is pretty easy. You just need a designer, a hacker, and someone doing the marketing. Give three people an internet connection and they are off to go, right?

The answer to this question seems to be divided. Lean startup enthusiasts will typically chime in with a big ‘yes.’ But the rest of us? We’re convinced that it should take years to get up and running.

We come up with excuses like “I’m not experienced enough,” “I can’t find a co-founder”, “I don’t have an idea” etc. Yeah, some of those excuses are valid. But most of the time, we’re wrong. We end up wasting time waiting for a jump that never happens.

This was something that I wanted to prove — that the ‘jump’ seems much crazier than it actually is. So, I joined the StartupBus, which is exactly what it sounds like — a bus ride where entrepreneurs get together and launch companies. Within 72 hours, I was part of a team and bringing a business concept to life. On paper, it was crazy. But in reality, it was one of the sanest things I’ve ever done.

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I founded Frog2Prince, an online dating consultancy that helps people perfect their online dating profiles. You know what running a company and working with daters has taught me?

Well, finding is a date is not all that different than starting a business. Both require confidence, sticking your neck out, and being willing to fail.

Entrepreneurs are in a unique position. They work a lot and feel others don’t understand their bustling lifestyles. But ultimately, entrepreneurs want to find love like everybody else.

That’s why I’m here to help.

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natalie macneil

Contributed by Natalie MacNeil of She Takes On The World

I am a recovering control-addict. When I started my company I tactically planned my annual accomplishments, month-to-month goals, weekly milestones, and daily to-dos.

I wanted to know what was coming. No curveballs.

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“When it comes to freestyle from the heart and soul, creating something no one has seen before and really trying to move people, that’s what I’m about”, said So You Think You Can Dance judge and dance pioneer Lil C after watching Hampton Williams perform his unique style of dance. “So when I see you coming into an arena like this and you don’t have a problem putting yourself on this platform to be judged? Man…hats off to you.”

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What does beta mean? Unfinished? Imperfect? Flawed?

Not so much. Try growth, hustle, and an endless quest to be better. If you’ve ever read The Startup of You from Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder and Chairman of LinkedIn and Ben Casnocha, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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As entrepreneurs, we’re told to ‘watch out for burnout’, as if it’s something lurking around the corner waiting to pounce.

We’re told to ‘keep an eye out for the signs’, but many of us don’t know what to look for. Partly because we’re too wrapped up in our businesses, but partly because too few of us are willing to share our own experiences with burnout.

This is my story of almost getting side-swiped by burnout, and coming out a stronger person on the other side.

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When was the last time you ventured out of your startup cave or expanded beyond the five city blocks you frequent? I get it, you’re a hermit at times, and you need to be, however there is a whole wide world out there waiting to meet you, teach you and inspire you.

If you’re part of a startup, you owe it to yourself and to your company to get out there and attend at least one conference a year. Whether you’re a founder, developer, designer, marketer, or product manager – you need to make it happen. Conferences are ideal venues to gain exposure, network, and be inspired.

Here is an extensive list of some of the top conferences in North America, curated by members of the Clarity community, and prioritized for you.

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You aren’t going to get a nice parking spot because you wished for one. That’s ridiculous.

So what makes you think that you can start your business, get financing or sell your company because of a distant dream?

You need to mentally create these outcomes, and ultimately achieve your own happiness and become a good person.

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caines arcade

Every year, several million startups are launched. There will be well over 12,000 posts published on TechCrunch alone this year. In the U.S., approximately 1,500 startups get funded by venture capitalists every single year. Another 50,000 get angel funding. That’s 51,500 funding announcements annually. Staying top of mind isn’t easy, but it’s more essential than ever for entrepreneurs.

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There’s a running joke about CrossFit. “How do you know that someone is into CrossFit?”, “Because they won’t shut the fuck about it” :). All joking aside, it’s not that far from the truth – and rightfully so. CrossFit is the type of workout where you pretty much bring yourself to puking without killing yourself. Yep, in the first three sentences of this blog post, we’ve already dropped an f-bomb and talked about puke. Now, let’s get to the point and talk psychology.

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