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Clarity - Answers - iPhone - The Future of Reputation and Monetization

After 16 months of steady growth, we’re proving that the future of consulting looks a lot like Clarity.

For those who don’t know us, Clarity is a micro-consulting platform that enables the exchange of high-impact business advice, on demand, over the phone. There are currently over 20,000 experts on Clarity and over 30,000 calls have been completed to date.

Today we’re announcing one of the biggest releases we’ve made to Clarity since launching in May of 2012 and it starts with a new feature called Answers.

Before we explain what Answers is, a bit of background. Here is some of the feedback we’ve been hearing from our members:

  1. for new members, unless they were ready to make a call right away, there wasn’t much they could do right away to experience Clarity;
  2. for new experts, unless they had a huge online following, it was hard to stand out amongst the more seasoned Clarity experts, especially in search;
  3. for many members, they had a hard time finding the right expert who could help them with their specific question.

Our response to those concerns is Answers. It’s the easiest way to ask a professional question (for free) and get an experts answer within minutes. The coolest part, is that if necessary – you can then follow up directly with a call.

It’s kind of like Quora – only with a business model. (Many experts make over $1000/month.) 🙂

The benefits are obvious for the Expert: answer questions → get recognized → get calls → get paid.

For the advice-seeker, Answers speeds up the process and gets them the answers they need, faster so they can make the right call the first time.

Try it out!

Why is it different then Quora, Answers, Pearl, (or any other of the 100+ Q&A sites out there?)

Well, for starters we’re 100% focused on business. Topics like marketing, fundraising, ideation, productivity, business development and team building having been some of the most popular on the platform. Secondly, only experts who’ve applied, or have been invited to be listed on Clarity, can answer these questions. Finally, we have recruited dedicated business experts on staff that are standing by to help moderate, promote and even answer questions to ensure you get a fast and high quality response!

Oh, and it’s free.

The proof is in the numbers

In our limited beta, we’ve had over 200 questions asked, and most of them were answered within 15 minutes with the average question receiving 2.4 answers. For experts, we’re excited to report that there’s a 5% conversion from question to follow up call request, so it’s driving real demand for experts who’ve been participating. We also publish answers to experts profiles, and allow members to search for them, so as our community grows, so does our knowledge base of who ACTUALLY knows about what.

As things continue to grow, we’re excited to announce that we just broke over 20,000+ experts on Clarity. Having such amazing experts like Ramit Sethi, Chris Brogan, Brad Feld (Angel Investors), Ryan Holiday, etc join up over the past few months has been a real humbling experience. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs around the world with each other, to move their dreams and goals forward, and everyday we’re making great progress towards that goal with the help of our amazing experts. And we’re only getting started…

We think the future of consulting is changing, and it will look a lot like Clarity!


Here are some FAQ’s to help answer any questions you might have:

Do you think answers will take away from the calls if the person is getting their questions answered without paying for a call?

Not at all. We think a conversation (the call) solves a completely different need for our members. Many want to discuss the nuances of their situation, and get specific feedback after providing the context around their challenges. If anything, we think adding questions will increase the amount of calls for our experts.

Can I use my mobile phone to ask questions?

100%. The new feature is available on both and via our mobile app (iPhone only for now).

How much revenue are you making?

As we’re a private company we don’t disclose our revenues.

What other numbers can you share?

We’ll, we’ve completed over 30,000 calls across 50+ countries and have over 20,000+ experts on our platform since launching in May of 2012 (16 months ago).

Who’s your primary customer?

Primarily entrepreneurs and business owners, but more and more, we’re seeing professionals (knowledge workers) use Clarity to get feedback on a project or get perspective into a new domain or expertise or skill.

Who’s your competition?

We don’t have any competition. (I’m kidding). But honestly, the way I think about competition is more who already solves this problem for entrepreneurs in the market today? So in that vein, organizations like EO, blogs, conferences, etc are competing for the mindshare and money. However, we think we have a very unique value proposition and provide a great product experience that has our new customers continuing to use us monthly if not weekly and daily.


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  • Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

    This is a great addition to the knowledge base that is the internet. Sometimes Quora feels right, but there is a lot noise [a scientific term] to any signal that is of value all too often. Thanks Dan and team.

  • 1_andrew_1

    I talk about Clarity all the time, but it was a bit daunting to find someone who might or might not know what I am after, so I’ve never used it. This is a really good addition. I can now ask something vertical specific and the community will give me the best person to talk to. I like it a lot.

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