Clarity Update: NEW Search, Filter / Sort, Related Topics & Sharing

SearchTopics - Header@2xNow that we have over 14,000 experts on Clarity, we realized that we needed to help you find the right expert faster. That’s why today we’re announcing a facelift and 3 new features that will dramatically improve your ability to find the best expert instantly.

Sorting, Filtering & Sharing

Search-Share&filter@2xHave you ever wondered who the most expensive person on Clarity is? What about the expert with the most calls? Clarity now allows you to search for any expert, including those listed in categories, using advanced filters & sorts. We also added the ability to share the results so you can easily send them to friends or colleagues. Try our new search now.

Related Topics

Search-TopicsSuggestions@2xStill having a hard time finding the right expert? That’s cool, we got you covered. With every search result, we now offer a list of related topics relevant to your search term that might contain the experts you’re looking for.

Ex: If you search for Fundraising, we would list; Grassroots Fundraising (2), Startups (750), Entrepreneurship (879), Business Strategy (408). The default ordering is on best match, but you can always re-sort based on any of our new criterias (hourly rate, near you, number of calls, etc)

Search Suggestions & Recent Searches

Search-Typeahed@2xThis one is pure eye candy but it’s actually quite useful. As you’re typing, we’ll auto-suggest experts and topics that match the term you’re searching. This makes it super easy to go direct to an expert, or topic that you’re interested in. Give it a try now.

Recent searches show up when you’re active in the search bar. We just felt it made the product easier to use as we reference past search activity for you to quickly revisit.

Leave a comment below as we’re always looking for suggestions.

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