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When I launched Clarity in 2012, I was driven by one mission — to impact the lives of a billion people by 2022. In two short years, Clarity grew to a community of more than 40,000 verified experts worldwide. To date, more than 200,000+ Clarity calls have been completed.

Today, I am excited to announce, in addition to offering 1-on-1 calls, a new subscription product call Clarity Live. Clarity Live is a video q&a service that connect up-and-coming entrepreneurs with game-changing  business leaders.

To help kick things off in a GLOBAL way, we’re hosting a special Clarity Live event on May 22nd with Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.  This event is in partnership with VIP VOIP and our goal is to bring 1000 people across 20 cities to participate virtually in this session.

Connect From Any Device. Ask Questions.

Hiten Shah - Clarity Live

It’s simple.  All our members need to do is review our upcoming events, RSVP for the session, submit questions for the expert (optional) and connect to the video call at the scheduled time. It is live and interactive – so you can always ask your question during the session.

How Is This Different From Clarity Calls?

  • Clarity Live is a subscription service (memberships start at $97/month) that gets you access to 6 live video q&a events per month (think: small fireside chats).

  • Live members on the call receive an instant 50% off code to follow-up with expert one-on-one (which typically pays for the monthly subscription doing 1 of those per month).

  • Members receive unlimited access to past recordings, which can be accessed on any device – even to download for offline viewing.

Where Did The Inspiration Come From?

Clarity Event - Clay Hebert on Crowdfunding

The idea to build Video Live came from an event that I held at my house. For fun, I booked 4 of the worlds top experts in disruptive innovation and  invited 20 entrepreneurs

The experts covered topics like crowdfunding, big data, 3D printing, and Bitcoin. It was magical.  Watching the dynamics in the room, it hit me. We don’t know what we don’t know. We need the inspiration of a group setting to  figure out what questions to ask.

That was the day Clarity Live was born.

Download more product screenshots and our media kit.

Upcoming Q&A Sessions

Clarity Live - Upcoming Events With Experts

We’ve recruited high-demand founders, TED speakers, and subject matter experts from all of over the world to kick off our upcoming sessions. Clarity Live’s goal is to make the ‘exclusive’ more open — to build a community around the world’s smartest minds. We’ll be kicking off with the following 12 speakers:

  • Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup

  • Brian Wong, Founder at Kiip
  • Hiten Shah, Co-Founder at KISSMetrics

  • Brad Feld, Co-Founder at TechStars

  • Mark Organ, Founder at Influitive (and previous founder at Eloqua)

  • Justin Kan, Co-Founder at Exec and

  • Ron Gutman, Founder at HealthTap

  • Maren Kate Donovan, Founder at Zirtual

  • Jeremy Schoemaker, Founder at PAR Program at ShoeMoney

  • Prerna Gupta, Co-Founder at Khush

  • Alicia Navarro, Founder at Skimlinks

… and many more!

We hope to see you on Clarity Live -> Sign up here

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  • drigotti

    Hi Dan, great work building a sustainable business that is helping so many people. Great work! I’m a little confused about Clarity Live. Are the 6 Q&A sessions pre-selected each month or is it like Clarity where I can choose who to connect with? Additionally, is it a 1-on-1 or group session ?