Does Entrepreneurship Have an Expiration Date? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sink or Swim 2

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re well-aware of the Silicon Valley success stories of young people in their ’20s — some still in college — starting companies and exiting big. It’s this ‘picture’ that has positioned entrepreneurship as a ‘young person’s job.’ But there’s more to the story — much more.

Entrepreneurship is actually something that’s age-agnostic, and as you evolve in the workforce — with experience under your belt — you may be in a better position to launch your dream company.

Stop telling yourself that you’re too ‘old’ or that you ‘can’t do it.’ It’s never too late, no matter your age. Just ask the guy who started KFC in this seventies. The following infographic explains why:

Sink or Swim 1


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