Favorite Tweets of the Week Mar 23


Every week, Clarity highlights some of the top links tweeted by entrepreneurs and startup folks. Here are some amazing reads from the likes of Dharmesh Shah, Chris Arsenault and Joanna Lord (to name a few).

1. Why I Spent 200 Hours Writing Culture Code Instead of Python Code

2. What Your Culture Really Says

3. Lessons Learned from Bill Gross’ 35 IPOs/Exits and 40 Failures

4. 3 Things I Learnt from Fellow TechStars Teams

5. “Ultimately, the team you build is the company you build.”

6. Uber, Data Darwinism and the Future of Work

7. The Expectation of 100%

8. The Short Cutts

9. 5 Essential Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs

10. Surviving “Founder Fear”

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