How Entrepreneurs Can Move from Expert to Thought Leader: Free Clarity Live Session

Kent G

How can entrepreneurs make a bigger impact with what they’re doing? The answer is looking you right in the mirror. Literally. Your platform is one of the most valuable resources you can have — now and over the long-term. Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, it’s important to move from subject matter expert to through leader.

This free Clarity Live session on Thursday, 9/11 at 10 AM PST with Kent Gustavson explains how.

We’ll welcome anyone who wants to join, so feel free to pass along the sign-up link here.

Kent Gustavson, PhD is a thought leader in the world of independent publishing. As an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, owner of an acclaimed indie publishing house, and founder of a successful author mentorship program, he has the rare distinction of having a 360-degree perspective of the indie publishing world.

Kent is highly regarded for writing the definitive biography of music icon Doc Watson, ‘Blind But Now I See’. The book won the Next Generation Indie Book Award and has circulated around 50,000 copies. His publishing company, Blooming Twig, has published more than 300 books—many of which have become bestsellers and garnered major indie awards. With his esteemed mentorship program, ‘Walk out with a book’, he has codified his successes as an author and a publisher into a method that yields bestselling results for first-time / early-career authors.

*How to overcome imposter syndrome create a memorable personal brand as an entrepreneur
*How to reinvest that brand into your business
*How to make a bigger impact with your ideas


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