Convincing Your Risk-Averse Self to Become an Entrepreneur [Infographic]


At any given moment, entrepreneurs are on the brink of failure. It’s mortifying. You put your entire life on the line for a 90% chance that your business won’t make it.

This cold, hard fact is enough to scare people away from starting a business altogether.

Why put your heart, soul, finances, and reputation on the line for an emotional roller coaster?

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It’s this question that forces us to give up — to doubt ourselves before we’ve even had the chance to prove that we’re bigger than the statistics that tell us we’ll fail.

The most important decision that you can make as an entrepreneur is to give yourself that chance. Keep in mind that when you bet on yourself, you’re not taking a shot in the dark — you believe in yourself and your capabilities for a reason.  Don’t be afraid. Here’s why.

Reason #1: Failure Guides Success

How many times did the world’s most famous entrepreneurs fail before they succeeded? Take a look for yourself:

Image Source: Anna Vital

Reason #2: You Can Learn from the Paths of Others

As an entrepreneur, you’ll probably make mistakes. That’s a given. As hard as you try to outsmart this fact, you won’t be able to avoid it.


Image Source: Entrepreneur

The thing about mistakes, however, is that everybody makes them. So many people have been down the exact same path that you’re starting to take now.

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One way to simplify your own mistakes is to study the paths of others. It’s true that luck plays a major role in the ‘success’ game. But luck is only part of the formula. Control what you can control by learning as much as you can.

Reason #3: Life Is More Than Money

A cushy salary is just that — a cushy salary. Some people are great at being employees and they’ll live their lives completely happy. That’s fine.

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The thing about entrepreneurship, however, is that it’s impossible to extinguish the fire. There’s nothing wrong with having a job — traditional employment is great — but you need to follow your heart. At the end of the day, what you need is to follow your heart.


Image Source: Clarity

You’re not taking a bet on your ability to succeed — you’re taking a bet on the chance to pursue your biggest dreams.

Final Thoughts: It’s About the Journey

Entrepreneurship is more than just the outcome. If you’re too fixated on your exit, you’ll lose sight of the opportunities that are right in front of you — the amazing people you meet every day. The great conversations at your co-working space. The opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest peers in the world.

Risk will always be there. Fear will always gnaw at your insides. You’ll always wonder, “what am I doing here?” What you need to do is embrace it. Mitigate it. Take calculated steps forward and — of course — believe in yourself wholly.

Ritika Puri manages the Clarity Blog and runs a content marketing company for B2B SaaS and data-driven companies. Her experiences include:

  • Co-founding a health center in New Delhi, India when she was 20.
  • Growing a major finance website by 8M+ annual unique visitors through strategic distribution partnerships.
  • Leaving a comfortable and awesome full-time job to launch a content marketing company in January ’14. 

Talk to Ritika about content marketing, distribution, and partnership marketing.

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  • jaimepage

    Ritika—I loved this piece, especially the first infographic. Did you ever run a piece like it in Forbes? (I saw your HARO request a while back looking for input on failure.) I’d love to read more of your insights on keeping the #failurefears at bay!