My 7 Biggest Founder Mistakes [Video]


Editor’s Note: Muse founder Kathryn Minshew epitomizes the term ‘badass.’ Determine to build a career based on purpose and to make her mark on the world, she launched Muse — a portal to help job seekers build careers that they love. Minshew and her team of amazing co-founders have built a site that attracts millions of monthly visitors. All the while, she has held her head high — and grown her company with unparalleled grace. 

She makes it all look easy, but here’s the thing. It wasn’t. Minshew will be the first to tell you that mistakes are part of the path to success. Just see for yourself. 

Kathryn Minshew founded The Muse, a platform that helps job seekers build dream careers. Her experiences include: 

  • Growing The Muse from 0 to 1M monthly uniques with zero spend.
  • Raising a $1.2M funding round from venture capital and angel investors, including YCombinator.
  • Speaking on CNN, Bloomberg, and Fox

Schedule a call with Kathryn to talk about early stage growth startup, fundraising, and doing your own PR. 


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