New Feature: Team Calls

We’re thrilled to announce Team Calls on Clarity. Now you can gather your team and have them join you on a call with an expert!

Why we built this?

  • Many users have asked us to build a way to record their calls or provide them with a transcript.  We tested both solutions and didn’t like them.  What we learned (by asking the experts) was that they were holding back on the calls when they knew they were recorded.  They weren’t being as open or specific as they were before. So that wasn’t going to fly.  As for the transcript, the automated ones were horrible, and to get it done professional cost around $1/min (almost the same cost as the call?!).  The better solution was to have someone else on the call taking notes.  Now you can.
  • We also realized that most advice is needed to help solve a problem faced by a team, not only the individual.  In this case, it’s typical to have a lot of information either forgotten, discarded or mistranslated before being shared with the team, leaving everyone else with the incomplete picture.  Now you can invite your team to participate saving you time and ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Finally, we looked at the cost of some of our premium experts – guys like Eric RiesNoah Kagan & Nir Eyal and realized even though they are worth every penny, the cost can price them out of the market for some of our younger, or capital constraint (i.e. bootstrap startup) members.  Now with team calls, you can share that cost with other people reducing the individual cost of the call and learning by listening to answers asked by the group.  This does require an individual to organize the call, but it’s simple.  Just make the request and collect from the other participants using paypal, etc.  We feel this will really open up the product to young entrepreneurs, incubators, non-profits and other capital constrained members.

How does it work?

Inviting a team member to a call is very simple. When you schedule the call, you’ll get a confirmation email with a conference line and access code in which to call into, to connect with the expert.  Just share that information with up to 8 other people and you can all use it to call in at the same time. It works just like a conference line.

Here’s some other questions that usually come up.

My team is distributed internationally? Can I still take advantage of this feature?

Absolutely. Just a few things to consider. The phone number you’ll receive is a US 800-number, so international fees will apply.  You can use VOIP (Skype) but it may cause a delay, so be sure to have someone with the best connection asking the questions.

Best practices for Team Calls

  • Ensure that those who aren’t speaking mute their phone to avoid any background noise/chatter.
  • Prep with your team before the call. It’s best to compile questions and have just one person do the talking while the others listen and take notes.

Visit our Help Center for more information.

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  • @jeffroach

    Great addition, Dan!

    • Dan Martell

      Thanks Jeff … inspired by our propel connect calls back in the day 🙂

      Clarity is the culmination of everything I’ve done in my life. So rewarding.

  • Jer Ayles Ayler

    Team calls: Very cool feature! My clients can easily absorb the fee to access my counsel in the AFS industry

    • Dan Martell

      Exactly .. hope that helps you get more calls!

  • Tom Masiero

    Dan.. great stuff .. Your creating an ecosystem for startups to have the advisory boards of their dreams.

    • Dan Martell

      Exactly. Near Real Time. In Their Back Pocket!

  • Sal Matteis

    Great job Dan and team

    • Dan Martell

      Sal, thanks.

      Appreciate your support and involvement – it’s appreciated.

      • Sal Matteis

        You guys are doing something remarkable. Like Angel List, Clarity helps the entire ecosystem become more efficient. You put knowledge and targeted help in the hands of people whose focus is to change the world for the better.