When we created Cole and Parker, my husband and I had been dating for just a few months, but even back then we knew that we both had a passion for entrepreneurship that went far beyond our colorful sock startup.

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Editor’s Note: Muse founder Kathryn Minshew epitomizes the term ‘badass.’ Determine to build a career based on purpose and to make her mark on the world, she launched Muse — a portal to help job seekers build careers that they love. Minshew and her team of amazing co-founders have built a site that attracts millions of monthly visitors. All the while, she has held her head high — and grown her company with unparalleled grace.  Read More…


There’s nothing a startup (or any company, really) needs quite as much as press. It brings in traffic and users/customers, social validation and legitimacy all at the same time. Those are things it’s hard to get enough of.

It’s taken me years of trial and error, the help of a lot of other really smart marketers, and tons of time playing with hacks and tweaking language and strategy to figure out what works across the board and boil it down to a repeatable process. So far it has worked to help my company and others get published in:

Time Magazine
The Guardian
and hundreds of smaller blogs/websites. Some are under NDAs, so I won’t be disclosing all of the details, but this process, if followed the way I spell it out below, should work well for you. Read More…


The entrepreneurial journey is full of twists, turns, ups and downs.  That’s why you need the support of trusted advisors.  Take these examples:

(1) The Accidental Founder

Renee is in early stage mode.  She has an “accidental business” – something that she happened upon as a result of her interest in helping people.   To her surprise and delight, what started as a hobby, helping people decorate their homes, has garnered a great deal of attention in the neighborhood. Read More…


My previous startup had a sales cycle problem.

We sold an enterprise product targeted at agencies and big consumer brands, and — while we could clearly articulate benefits — we could only point to an opaque, fuzzy ROI for the buyer during the sales process. As a result our sales cycle (including delightful hurdles like vendor approval that consumer web startups should thank their lucky stars they never have to deal with) could stretch for months.

“Never again,” I said to myself, and I set a goal: my next product would have a two week sales cycle. If I couldn’t get a user to convert from free to paid in fourteen days I’d move on and test if retention emails and down-the-road product upgrade notices would entice them back.
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In your professional life, you strive to be the absolute best. You’re a natural leader, you innovate constantly and you have a quantifiable track record for generating high-value results. In your world, a 40-hour workweek is a myth, but somehow, sunrise-to-sunset will always fly by and you’ll be smiling the whole time. Some people call you a workaholic, but you prefer the term “passionate”.

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At any given moment, entrepreneurs are on the brink of failure. It’s mortifying. You put your entire life on the line for a 90% chance that your business won’t make it.

This cold, hard fact is enough to scare people away from starting a business altogether.

Why put your heart, soul, finances, and reputation on the line for an emotional roller coaster?

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In 2011, I lost 42 pounds in six months, and it was the single hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  As a result, I learned plenty of invaluable lessons.  Not only did I learn more about myself and how far I’m able to push my body and mind, I also found that many of the lessons I learned helped me to push my business to the limit as well.

Here are a few of the different lessons I learned.  I hope you find them helpful, whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape or expand your business:
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Do you have an idea for the next Flappy Bird? Are you looking to build a mobile app to increase exposure for your web service?

As a mobile app development company who has helped clients get their app ideas into the app store and developing our own apps, we have seen our share of mistakes.

Here are 7 of the top mistakes you should avoid when developing your next app.

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In the recent article about the “Dos And Don’ts For On-Boarding Walkthroughs On Mobile,” I covered an important part of on-boarding, namely walkthroughs. Make sure to read it for the bigger on-boarding picture.

Today I will run through different communication channels like email, app notifications and SMS in order to keep up the momentum that your app has created throughout the sign-up and following walkthrough. Read More…

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