The Crazy, Amazing Paths of These 5 Self-Made Billionaires [INFOGRAPHIC]

Self-Made Entrepreneurs

Paths to success are long and winding. Actually, that’s an understatement. Some of the world’s top billionaires followed wild, crazy, and complex journeys to evolve past their humble beginnings – and land where they are today.

Funders and Founders analyzed all 1,426 of the world’s billionaires, segmenting out the 960 who were self-made. Their findings? 830 of these entrepreneurs generated their success from more than one business. Funders and Founders narrowed down their analysis to a group of 5 entrepreneurs, studying their paths closely.

It’s often said that the #1 ingredient to success as an entrepreneur is focus – but creativity and agility are equally important: the ability to adapt to a changing economic client and rapidly switch gears in pursuing new directions.

As the infographic points out, “business opportunities are like buses – there’s always another one coming.” [Click to Tweet]

Should you pursue multiple opportunities or pursue one big idea? The following infographic suggests that you should pursue a blend of both:

Funders and Founders Infographic

From selling Christmas trees to operating rented vending machines and operating casinos, what these five founders share in common is a relentless sense of hustle.

Should founders pursue one or multiple business ideas? At one point in their journeys should entrepreneurs pursue a new venture? How can founders curb their natural instincts to switch gears? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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  • Ann07

    Great infographs!

    The sky is the limit for these businessmen! You can never stop at just one idea, it’s always good to think of new ways to earn money.

    Look at the five, they all started at a very young age. Their perseverance and motivation is really incredible.

    This is a great example, there are a lot of small starts that can come to a big successful end.

    We just got to stop being lazy. No matter what your state in life is, you can accomplish anything you just got to start working.

    Thanks for sharing!


    P.S I found this post shared at try checking it out!