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Adii Pienaar is Founder of WooThemes, a multimillion dollar company. Not being based in a mainstrean tech hub (WooThemes was born on the “edge of the world” in Cape Town, South Africa), Adii helped overcome the geographical odds to grow the “Woo”-brand into a brand that is recognized worldwide (with more than a million users). In his past he also managed to successfully rename himself as “Adii Rockstar” and he now claims that was an exercise in branding. Adii has an incredible passion for helping entrepreneurs (the main reason he loves Clarity) and is currently working on his new educational project, PublicBeta.

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Every week, Clarity highlights some of the top links tweeted by entrepreneurs and startup folks. Here are some amazing reads from the likes of Clay Hebert, Henneke Duistermaat and Neil Patel (to name a few).

1. The Young Entrepreneur Advantage

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