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You just spent the past three nights writing and editing your post, and you just published it two hours ago. And…there’s nothing but tumbleweed on Google Analytics.

Or maybe it’s not that bad — perhaps you’ve got a decent amount of traffic, but it’s plateauing and you want more eyeballs for your work.

As you may have learned the hard way, good content doesn’t necessarily get the amount of exposure it deserves simply by existing. Here are three tried-and-true methods of reaching more viewers and gaining more unique visitors and pageviews.

1. How to Gain Critical Mass on a Hub

Hubs are any places where members of your target market may congregate. They also have voting mechanisms; think Hacker News, Inbound, or StumbleUpon.

Generally, there’s a correlation between the size of the hub and the number of votes you need to gain maximum exposure; if the hub is small, then you only need a few votes to in a given amount of time before you’re on the home page. However, these smaller hubs usually drive a smaller volume of unique visitors to your post. Larger hubs can drive more unique visitors, but require more votes to do so. Read More…