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Steve Jobs at D8 ConferenceAll too often events are just a fabulous way for companies to waste money. But if you play your cards right, producing an event can deliver huge ROI for your business with little overhead.

Even top technology companies focused on virtual communications rely on in person events. Steve Jobs’s keynotes were legendary, and a cornerstone of Apple’s product launch and marketing strategy. Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference positioned the enterprise software newcomer as the leader in cloud computing and nurtured their essential developer ecosystem. TechCrunch made half its revenue from startup events. Twitter and Facebook throw numerous events to woo advertisers. Expert web marketers including HubSpot, Moz and Twilio are now investing heavily in developing their own marquee events.

If these companies needed events to get the word out, yours probably will at some point too. But how do you make sure you don’t waste your limited marketing budget on the next Pets.com-style extravaganza? Read More…