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Startup-FailureThere are countless startups that have come and gone. Many of the startups today are here because they learned and adapted from their mistakes. Since the launch of our startup, Lucidchart in 2008, our team has learned many lessons on common startup pitfalls that I’d like to pass on to you:

1. Waiting to release until a feature is perfect

Look, your product is going to have bugs. It’s an unavoidable rite of passage that every tech startup will face. Lucidchart was lucky enough to be featured on Lifehacker shortly after its first release, and things weren’t necessarily pretty — the headline touting “stripped-down flowcharts” says it all. Read More…

Clarity guide

Steve Jobs taught us that the best things come to those who ask.

So we’re asking you for your best startup advice!

From heavy-hitters like Brad Feld and Jason Calacanis, to brand-new founders, the Clarity community is full of insightful entrepreneurs who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

From February 19th to March 1st, we’re collecting the very best startup advice from the Clarity community. The top 100 submissions will be featured in our expert guide: Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice From Experienced Entrepreneurs, alongside experts like Eric Ries, Lewis Howes, and Dave McClure.

This guide will be a landmark resource for new entrepreneurs for years to come, jam-packed with exclusive advice on everything from raising funds, to customer acquisition.

Our mission at Clarity is to help 1 billion entrepreneurs within the next decade, and we can’t do it without your help.

If you want to be featured in this expert guide, submit your advice at clarity.fm/startupadvice today!

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Ben is currently VP Product at GoInstant, a venture-backed startup focused on changing how we share and experience the web with co-browsing technology. GoInstant was recently acquired by Salesforce.com. He is also a Founding Partner at Year One Labs, which is an early stage accelerator in Montreal. They’ve invested in five startups: Localmind, Massive Damage, HighScore House, qidiq and Happy Stuff. Three of those companies have gone on to raise follow on capital.

Prior to that Ben was the CEO and co-founder of Standout Jobs, which sold in 2010. He’s been an entrepreneur in the web space for 15+ years. Ben is also involved in a number of different projects as an advisor, consultant and mentor. His main interests include: Web/mobile startups, game startups, product management, entrepreneurship, customer service and social media. Ben obsess over things like analytics, customer acquisition, viral loops, product/market fit and building great stuff.

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Patrick Vlaskovits is an entrepreneur, mentor and author. He founded two startups and co-wrote The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development: A Cheat Sheet to The Four Steps to the Epiphany. Affectionately known as the “CustDev book,” it serves as course text for classes at Stanford University, Boston University, University of Minnesota and University of Norway. Patrick is a national speaker and blogger at vlaskovits.com.

On top of his accomplishments, he also enjoys monthly involvement with up and coming startups and serves as a mentor for the 500 Startups seed fund/accelerator as well as for The Lean Startup Machine. Patrick organizes Twiistup, a well-attended tech/startup conference that celebrates the entrepreneurial talent of the Los Angeles startup community. He also organizes the Los Angeles Lean Startup Meetup.

Clarity was lucky to get the chance to sit down with Patrick to gain more insight into his understanding of Lean Startup and Customer Development. Here is our interview:

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