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appThis guest post is by one of Clarity’s top experts, Sylvain Gauchet. When it comes to marketing your mobile application he has helped startups all over the world and has quite a bit of experience to show for it, including:

  • Being an all-knowing jedi master of App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Co-Founding Apptamin who’ve helped hundreds of developers market their apps
  • Created app videos for a range of big ticket startups like Booking.com, Chupa Mobile, Twitchat and many more


The idea of “build it and they will come” just doesn’t work, even in a crowded market. We see app developers still releasing apps without any (or not enough) feedback from customers or any real app marketing strategy. The result is your worst nightmare… not having the traction you hoped for.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. And if you’re an app developer you can get a lot of good tips from successful startups on how to build the right product and market your app. Read More…


Too many social media “marketers” are just trolling Facebook for ego-boosting likes. But you have a business to run. You want users and sales, not just fans.

Fred Perrotta can help. He’s a Clarity favorite because of the breadth of his online advertising experience:

  • He worked at Google managing $16M+ in ad spend for clients including Rosetta Stone, Plenty of Fish, and Yext.
  • As a startup marketing consultant, he ran ad campaigns of $50k+/month for early-stage, growth-focused startups like Airbnb, Udemy, and Lyft
  • His e-commerce startup, Tortuga Backpacks, was named to Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies list

In this featured post, Fred outlines the Facebook ad principles that he has used to drive 10,000+ signups/month for his clients.  Read More…

Jonah Berger

You’ve spent 12 months building the most wicked product on the planet. Now what?

Now, you need customers, revenue, and growth. So here’s the sequence most entrepreneurs follow:

Step 1: You launch a blog
Step 2: You launch your Facebook page
Step 3: You start promoting your writing to your fan community of 50

Then you wait. You’ve built it; why aren’t they coming?

You get pissed off. You hop in your car, go to the gym, or take a walk outside to take your mind off things. Then you see that big Coca Cola billboard with shiny, happy stock-photo people and blinding, bright colors — you can’t help but swoon. You’re craving Coca Cola’s fizzy goodness and wishing that Santa would bring you a $10 million paid advertising budget.
Read More…


Oh Sh*t! There’s only a few weeks left until you launch your product to the world and you haven’t spent any time on PR. Now you know to get press, don’t pitch your product and you understand what PR agencies do – but you still have no clue what steps you need to take to make it all happen?!

Alan Weinkrantz is one of Clarity’s most knowledgeable experts when it comes to breaking down the overwhelming process of PR. What makes him so great?

  • He continues to mentor/advise leading accelerators in the U.S., Israel, Palestine and Latin America
  • He spoke at SXSW 2013, Google Israel, and Dad 2.0 Summit
  • Has been mentioned for his advice in notable business forums like Forbes, San Antonio Business Journal and Good Morning America

The article below, by Alan Weinkrantz, shows how to hack your startup’s public relations initiative in five key steps.

Read More…

Adii Pienaar is Founder of WooThemes, a multimillion dollar company. Not being based in a mainstrean tech hub (WooThemes was born on the “edge of the world” in Cape Town, South Africa), Adii helped overcome the geographical odds to grow the “Woo”-brand into a brand that is recognized worldwide (with more than a million users). In his past he also managed to successfully rename himself as “Adii Rockstar” and he now claims that was an exercise in branding. Adii has an incredible passion for helping entrepreneurs (the main reason he loves Clarity) and is currently working on his new educational project, PublicBeta.

Read More…

Clarity’s First Startup Guide is Here!Clarity guide

You asked, we delivered: expert advice, right to your inbox.

Learn more in 30 minutes than you did in the last month. Download the guide now!

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A few weeks ago, we put out a call to entrepreneurs around the globe, asking you for your best startup advice – and we have been truly overwhelmed by the response. After days spent combing through hundreds of your submissions, followed by laughter, tears and the occasional WOW, we have narrowed it down to the top 100 startup advice submissions in the following categories:


  • Customer Acquisition
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Venture Capital
  • Product Development
  • + more!

The result is Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs: our gift to the Clarity community.

Here’s just a little taste of some of the high-quality, no-BS advice that you’ll receive when you download your copy:

Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications – Dave McClure

Don’t fall into the trap of confusing activity for achievement. Pause during your day ask yourself: ‘Is this helping us build sh*t or sell sh*t?’. If the answer is no, then you’re working on the wrong things. – Christian MacLean

Create a legacy, not a job. Ask yourself:  ‘How do I want to be remembered?’. Your job, habits, and daily activities are important but focus on the things that build the legacy you want to create. In the end, you’ll be glad you did. – John T. Meyer

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So for all the entrepreneurs out there making it happen each and every day – this one is for you!

Thank you!



It’s not HTML5, iOS development or CSS3. (Although, those are valuable skills). No, this is a skill that we are all born with, and something as old as time. Many of us use it, but few of us master it.

I’m talking about storytelling.

In an era where consumers are bombarded with unfathomable amounts of irrelevant information, success in business will be had by those who can master the art of the captivating story. Read More…


When was the last time you ventured out of your startup cave or expanded beyond the five city blocks you frequent? I get it, you’re a hermit at times, and you need to be, however there is a whole wide world out there waiting to meet you, teach you and inspire you.

If you’re part of a startup, you owe it to yourself and to your company to get out there and attend at least one conference a year. Whether you’re a founder, developer, designer, marketer, or product manager – you need to make it happen. Conferences are ideal venues to gain exposure, network, and be inspired.

Here is an extensive list of some of the top conferences in North America, curated by members of the Clarity community, and prioritized for you.

Read More…

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