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How to make the most bossome list!

We get it. Being bossome isn’t easy. Granted, some people are born bossome. For the rest of us, it could take years to achieve the stature of supreme bossomeness.

These last couple of weeks, we’ve featured new experts who have obviously risen to that level. If you or your friends haven’t yet applied to be a Clarity expert, and you’re thinking about it, we wanted to give you a few words of advice (it’s kind of our thing here at Clarity). Here’s how to go from zero to bossome in no time flat and give yourself a shot at being featured in an upcoming post so you can brag to your friends, family and enemies.

1. Connect Clarity with all of your social media networks – Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. We look at all of em’. Kinda creepy, I know, but a little stalking is necessary on our part.

2. Make your profile interesting – Every expert on Clarity is amazing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed in. But what makes you interesting? How do you stand out? It’s hard to do that using professional LinkedIn-esque profiles like, “Serial entrepreneur with ten years of experience in internet marketing and social media.

You can do better than that…

Managed a team of dyslexic sherpas at everest basecamp and wrestled orangutans on the weekends while starting my own e-tutoring center in Kathmandu.”  Notice the difference? That’s straight-up boss.

3. Throw in an eye-grabbing profile pic – People can tell when you take your own photo. You know what it says to the world? It says, “I don’t have even one friend who would take five seconds out of their day to take my picture. BUT PAY ME FOR ADVICE!” See where we’re going here? Get gussied up – heck, maybe even do your hair. Why not go crazy and put on a nice, clean, flashy shirt. Smiling never hurts either. Please, no Blue Steel. Show us the best version of you. You know, the bossome version.

4. Video is nice – A three to five minute video is a great way for members to get to know you better. They don’t have time for much longer than that. Make it entertaining, or at least engaging. Why should they call you over someone else? Show them your personality.

5. Spruce up your website – We need to find out all about you – not necessarily your business or organization you work with – but you. So yes, we stalk your website too. It’s where you can go into a little more detail about what you’ve accomplished and maybe what you’re up to these days. Did you write a book, perhaps? Do you have a tribal following? What kind of stuff have you been writing about lately?  All these things add to your bossability.

We hope this helps. If you know of anyone who you think can add a level of bossomeness to our community of experts, pass this along to them and have them apply. Or, if you’re not an expert yet, maybe you should be asking yourself, “Am I bossome enough?” Our guess is you are. Read More…