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Growth hacking is what happens when street smarts join forces with technology, operations, creativity, and revenue. The goal is to create a customer acquisition engine that essentially runs on autopilot.

That’s what you do. Here’s what you get:

If you move forward with a clear strategic vision:
A steady, sustainable, and robust user acquisition stream.

If you’re not smart about what you’re doing:

What’s amazing about growth hacking is that the concept is timeless. It’s a marketing practice with roots back to the earliest days of entrepreneurship.

That’s good news. In building your growth engine, you have hundreds of years of experience to draw from. Here are some of my favorite lessons that dating back as far as 300 years ago: Read More…

appThis guest post is by one of Clarity’s top experts, Sylvain Gauchet. When it comes to marketing your mobile application he has helped startups all over the world and has quite a bit of experience to show for it, including:

  • Being an all-knowing jedi master of App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Co-Founding Apptamin who’ve helped hundreds of developers market their apps
  • Created app videos for a range of big ticket startups like Booking.com, Chupa Mobile, Twitchat and many more


The idea of “build it and they will come” just doesn’t work, even in a crowded market. We see app developers still releasing apps without any (or not enough) feedback from customers or any real app marketing strategy. The result is your worst nightmare… not having the traction you hoped for.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. And if you’re an app developer you can get a lot of good tips from successful startups on how to build the right product and market your app. Read More…

Trying to grow your startup to the next level? This infographic from Digital Telepathy shows you how to design for viral growth. Steal tips from experts like Instagram, Quora and Dropbox.

Improve invite conversions by: testing delivery format and testing incentives. [Tweet This]

Design elements that encourage repeat visits: notifications, engagement, and news. [Tweet This]

Make your startup easy to share with: embeddable content, forwarding, and cross-posting. [Tweet This]


How are you encouraging viral growth? Tell us below!