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By Ken Seto, CEO & Co-Founder of Massive Damage Inc.

In all the talk I’ve heard about founder stress and burnout, one thing I’ve felt that hasn’t been covered all that well is the stress that the early team members at a startup often experience.

Founders have it rough and they definitely take the brunt of the stress at a startup, but they also stand to gain the most when things go well. It’s the rollercoaster lifestyle we’ve chosen for ourselves and the sacrifices we’ve willingly undertaken to chase our dreams. But in the early days, our teams are along for the dusk-til-dawn ride, and we need to remember to take care of them, too.

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HubSpot (especially Dharmesh) is one of the handful of companies that continue to inspire me as an entrepreneur. I was super excited to get a sneak peak of their brand-new culture code presentation (embedded below) this week, and it was so awesome that I asked if I could share it with the Clarity community.

So here we go…

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Whether you’ve raised a few million or you’ve bootstrapped your way into business, your responsibility as a founder is to leverage your company’s resources for maximum gains.

A mediocre founder spends money to maintain the status quo. A smart founder knows that every dollar coming out of their pocket needs to be justified by a healthy ROI.

While the reality is a little more complex than “you gotta spend money to make money”, these five investments have proven themselves to have high returns in the short and long-term for growing businesses.

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Image from: coldscoop.com

In his book Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain, best-selling author and TV personality, told the story of a chef who regularly confronted line cooks when their stations got too messy.

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