The Art-Meets-Science of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content Marketing

You’ve heard it time and time again — content is the future of marketing. And being the smart, savvy entrepreneur that you are, you respond tactically by writing blog posts, authoring whitepapers, and maybe even commissioning a few infographics.

You watch your analytics like a hawk, realizing something scary. Nothing is happening. After pouring out your heart and soul on Medium — or your company blog — your web traffic is still flatlining. You’re pissed off.

You’re also not alone.

Entrepreneurs face this pain point over and over. Content marketing, as a concept, seems so simple at face value. But when you start to get into things, you realize that there is much more happening beneath the surface.

You need analytics. You need creativity. You need your left and right brains. The following infographic from Salesforce and Kapost illuminates this dynamic beautifully. Demystify content marketing by embracing the art and science.

the best content marketing merges art and science

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  • Metz

    In marketing, Art is used, it is vital in blogging. If you are not an artist or if you aren’t creative, your marketing might bore your readers and followers and logically, you will not generate a sale.

    If Art and science were combined, using your right and left-brain together will result a good upshot.

    Effectiveness in marketing, it could be a crowd puller, and you can attract your target market. The combined effort is undeniably true. I cannot agree more. Communication skills are much different since you have a wider understanding, you practice what you need to do and you push beyond your limitations.

    Thanks for sharing the inforgraphic with us!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.