The Best U.S. Cities for Women Entrepreneurs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Founders across the world will tell you that there is a disturbing shortage of women entrepreneurs. The reason why?

Well, it’s complex. Some say that it’s harder for women to get funded. Others say that women, for a wealth of reasons, are hesitant to become entrepreneurs. These trends are gaining worldwide attention, with media mentions of the topic reaching an all-time high, according to Harvard Business Review.

But let’s focus on the goal. We need more women starting companies, raising venture funding, and leaving lasting impacts on the worldwide economy. That means access to resources, mentorship, and an ecosystem that supports us.

Last year, Intuit put together the following infographic to showcase some of the most “women-friendly” entrepreneur hubs in the world. But really, are the ‘top cities’ good enough? Let’s aim for more. We’re entrepreneurs, which means we can do better.






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  • Anita

    Excellent infographic. Right on point with the info in the new book Building a Business, Building a Life: Incredible Stories of Women Entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs ROCK!

  • Adam Banda

    Wow! infographic. Thanks for the great post. I also want to be an entrepreneur and my is to help people in getting mortgages. thanks again