Clarity 2.0 – The Best Advisory Board Ever Created

Clarity - Two-Oh

With 2014 kicking off, we’re excited to announce Clarity 2.0 just in time to help you exceed any business goals you’ve set for the year! Clarity 2.0 is a complete redesign of our platform with the goal to deliver the best advisory board ever created.

Clarity started 2 years ago on January 4th, 2012.  Over the past 24 months we’ve launched 40+ features, recruited over 30,000+ experts and completed thousands of calls from around the world.  Even after 2 years our mission remains the same – to connect people over the phone to help them grow their businesses.  Here’s a small list of the changes we’ve made to help move that goal forward.

Redesigned for Simplicity


The goal of the new design was to help new members find the best experts. That drove all design decisions. Everything from:

  • New tablet & mobile apps.
  • New search & sorting.
  • Categories and quick sorts.

Everything is 200% faster with a cleaner design that will help anyone find the best experts ASAP.

Browse Experts Effortlessly

Browse Clarity Experts EffortlesslyOur goal was to give everyone the ability to click their way to success.  That meant reviewing thousands of data point to categorize our top listings, and providing further sorting features to help surface the best experts.

1. Added 80+ Business Categories: We now have 8 top level Categories and over 80+ sub-categories grouping all relevant experts in each one.

2. Quick Sorts: Featured, Popular & New: Now you can quickly sort any result by Recommended (curated by our community managers), Popular (most calls + highest ratings), and New (recently added listings).

3. Review High Quality Listings: Our new search ONLY searches the title of an Expertise Listing to ensure you’ll find an expert who has what it takes to give you the right advice.  Each Area of Expertise lists not only the title, but a detailed description, relevant header image and tagged with related topics to help you discover similar listings.

The World’s Top Minds at Your Fingertips

Clarity Experts in Your Pocket

As we continue to recruit & add over 1000+ verified experts each month, we took a step back and built a completely new verification & monitoring system that ensures all experts are being responsive, calls are scheduled fast, and all members have a great experience.  All of this is done behind the scenes but we thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Manually curated over 5000+ top experts in our Featured list.
  • Pro-actively removed unresponsive or low quality experts.
  • Deployed new moderation features.

We hope you enjoy the new Clarity.  We wanted to get this ready in time to help you move your goals & dreams forward in 2014.

Have an amazing year!

P.S. I want to personally thank Scott, Vincent, Jakub & Tom for all their hard work over the past 3 months.  I’m blessed to work with such talented people.


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