We Hope Your Independence Day Was Bossome!


We hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July. Barbeques. Family. Fireworks. Not-so-legal explosives. Spot fires. Never ones to let a good holiday go to pass, we here at Clarity had to do something big. Something… Bossome.

In the last few bossome posts, we’ve featured newer experts of that particular week who recently came on board with Clarity to show our appreciation for joining the community. This week, we decided to rifle through the archives a bit and feature some experts who have been with us for a little while and give them a shot at bossomeness.

So, in the spirit of Independence Day, here’s 10 bossome experts we think deserve a little love. Enjoy!

Chris Brogan


Top reasons to call him…

  • New Media
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Anything

Why we like him…

Chris isn’t THAT big of a deal, I mean, come on… He’s only a New York Times bestselling author (Impact Equation and Trust Agents) who’s been in publications such as Forbes, Success, USA Today, and has appeared on, you guessed it – the Dr. Phil show. He’s also CEO and President of Human Business Works, a business design company who has done work with Disney, Microsoft, Google, GM, Coldwell Banker, UPS Store, and Coca Cola to name a few. Okay, we’re lying… Chris is a HUGE deal and we’re super stoked to have him as part of our community.

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William Spear


Top reasons to call him…

  • Feng Shui
  • Team Building
  • Social Activism

Why we like him…

Author of Feng Shui Made Easy, William Spear is an authority in the art. He dispels myths about Feng Shui and goes into the deep cultural background of its history. You may be asking yourself, “How the hell is feng shui supposed to help me and my business?” Until you experience it, it’s really hard to speculate on how much it gets the positive energies flying around the home / office. William’s bossomeness doesn’t stop there. He’s also a social activist and President of Fortunate Blessings Foundation – a second response team for natural disasters.

Talk to William Spear on Clarity

Saul Colt


Top reasons to call him…

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Hustling

Why we like him…

Did you know that Saul is the smartest man in the world? Yep, he even says so on his site. Saul was the first international employee of Zipcar and was in charge of it’s launch to the Canadian market. Before that, he was the HM (Head of Magic) at FreshBooks. Referred by fellow Clarity expert Chris Brogan as “exactly who you want representing your company,” Saul is a Word of Mouth marketing expert and has been named as one of the iMedia 25: Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators.

Talk to Saul Colt on Clarity

Thomas Knoll


Top reasons to call him…

  • Community Architecture
  • Organizational Culture
  • Customer Development

Why we like him…

Thomas is a guy who just gets it. He’s Founder and CEO of clippPR.com and has been a startup advisor for companies like 500 Startups, LaunchRock, Zappos and Seesmic. In case you haven’t noticed, Las Vegas has quite the rising startup scene and Thomas is one of the biggest influencers there. Ask Thomas how to convert customers into communities of evangelists.

Talk to Thomas Knoll on Clarity

Julian Gough


Top reasons to call him…

  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Gaming

Why we like him…

Julian is hilarious. One of the most entertaining and outspoken storytellers we know of, his novel, Jude: Level 1 was on the shortlist for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize – the UK’s only literary award for Comic Fiction. His bossomeness went up a notch when we found out that he was the man behind the epic end credits of Minecraft. It went up to 11 when we found out he was in the band Toasted Heretic. Check out Julian’s article in the NY Times explaining the little-known subprime reading problem none of us knew existed, which may have saved the publishing industry.

Talk to Julian Gough on Clarity

Casie Stewart


Top reasons to call her…

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Why we like her…

Adventure capitalist Casie Stewart has documented her adventures across the globe at her blog, casiestewart.com. Currently working as Director of Social Media at Community, Casie has worked as brand ambassador with companies like Ted Baker London, Thomas Sabo, HTC, Canon and Telus. And she has impeccable funky fashion sense. Which is bossome.

Talk to Casie Stewart on Clarity

Clay Hebert


Top reasons to call him…

  • Innovation
  • Growth Hacking
  • Crowdfunding

Why we like him…

Clay’s taken canoe and skate skiing lessons from Seth Godin. Need we say more? Leaving the corporate world in 2009 to attend Seth’s six month MBA program (SAMBA) and it changed his life. Since then, he’s gone on to build Spindows, a video speed-networking platform. Clay shares his helpful, uncommon thoughts at dailysense.com.

Talk to Clay Hebert on Clarity

Eric Ries


Top reasons to call him…

  • Lean Startups (obviously)
  • Venture Capital
  • Agile Methodologies

Why we like him…

Eric Ries is a legend in the startup world and we had to feature him here. He’s a New York Times bestselling author (The Lean Startup) and all-around shot-caller. Eric Ries was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of IMVU, a 3D social network, where he applied his efficiency-oriented management practices featured in his teachings. Eric has since stepped down, but as of 2011, IMVU has 40 million users and generates $40 million in revenue.

Talk to Eric Ries on Clarity

Peter Pham


Top reasons to call him…

  • Fundraising
  • Mobile
  • E-Commerce

Why we like him…

Peter has raised over $140 million in venture funding across 15 startups. He was the 5th employee at Photobucket (sold for $300 million) driving growth to 61 million users. Peter is also the co-founder and partner of Science (incubator behind Dollar Shave Club). We’ve been throwing around some pretty big numbers here, but don’t let it sway you from calling him. As busy as he is, he’s proven to be one of the more active experts on Clarity. Give him a shout, we’re sure he’d love to hear from ya.

Talk to Peter Pham on Clarity

Francine Hardaway


Top reasons to call her…

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Product Development

Why we like her…

Francine is one of the best out there at helping startups bring products to market. Owner at accelerator Stealthmode Partners, she also writes for Fast Company and the Huffington Post. Just for kicks, she also documents changes to the US health care system at USHealthCrisis.com. Francine has incredible experience in a wide array of expertise. Totally worth a call.

Talk to Francine Hardaway on Clarity

Thanks to C.C. ChapmanNeenah PaperJoi ItojamiesnapFord in EuropeBetsy WeberTEDx SF, and Thomas Hawk for the images!
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